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By March 30, 2020

Kingdom of Ice Release Day

Hello dear readers. The world is certainly a different place since the last time I wrote a newsletter. I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well and for those are are unwell or you know someone who is, you are in my thoughts. Here we are entering week 2 of a lockdown. Some days I feel very distracted, others I immerse myself in keeping busy, as an author there is always something that needs to be done. 

I am pleased to announce the release of my new version of Kingdom of Ice, published by Kingston Publishing. Please see the links below. It's available on Kindle Unlimited (Not on US Amazon at the moment)

Princess Khione craves her vain and heartless mother’s love. After her beloved father dies, she despairs at ever finding love and happiness again. The only comfort she finds is in her nursemaid and her nursemaid’s daughter. Years later, Khione’s jealous mother orchestrates an event that nearly ends her life. Forced to flee into the Forsaken Forest, the home of the Fae, Khione finds something she could have never imagined.

Banished from the lands of Turia, Agnes and Gerda try to start a new life in the nearby Kingdom of Agraunia. They share a small garret room with Agnes’s widowed mother, Matilda. There, Gerda befriends her neighbour’s son, Kai, who is an apprentice to a Blacksmith. Their close friendship eventually blossoms into love. Their short-lived happiness comes to a halt with Kai’s cold, distance demeanour. After he disappears after being seen with a strange woman in white, rumours persist that he is dead. Only Gerda knows he is still alive. The place he touched deepest in her heart makes it hard for her to accept any other truth but her instincts scream at her that he is in danger. With no one willing to help, Gerda sets out alone to rescue him, unaware of the dangers outside of her sheltered life as the nursemaid’s daughter.

Kingdom of Ice is a fusion of faerie tales, folklore, myth & legends, with action/adventure and a magical touch of romance.
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As many of us are isolating I would like to offer a three, free reads to help pass some time. Some of you may already have these ebooks already. Please click on the links below to download the ebooks. You will be able to pick the format of your choice.


Enjoy your free ebooks. I will update you again soon.

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