About Me

I was born in England, as a child and an adult I spent many years living abroad. From a young age, I have been an avid reader and I loved to read fairy tales. As a child, I wrote short stories. One of my first story characters was a naughty boy called Cheeky Charlie. I also enjoyed writing humorous poems.

At school being a writer was never consider a career option. To be honest I didn't consider it. In 2011, I toyed with the idea of trying to sell some verse to greeting card companies. For many years, I have written my own verse in cards for family, friends and work colleagues, and I received positive feedback. I wasn't successful in selling any verse. However, I did find my passion for writing had returned. In 2012, I discovered content site writing. I wrote a number of non-fiction articles and a fiction that inspired me to write my first fiction novel.

My stories tend to include elements of history, mythology, folklore, and legends. I have never lost my love for fairy tales and I also I enjoy reading books from a variety of genres. I am an anime fan and a lover of nature and animals, with a particular fondness for cats.