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what is an advance reader copy (arc)?

An advance reader copy (ARC) is a pre-published version of a new book that is circulated to people who read it before publication. e.g. reviewers and book bloggers.

By offering ARCs to readers an author can receive reviews in the fist few days of a books release. Therefore providing a reader's genuine opinion to potential book shoppers.

            what is an advance reader team?

An Advance Reader Team is a group of volunteer readers who read and review ARCs of an author's newest books. Members of the team receive a free copy of a new book to read before it's release date. The advance reader will then post their honest review on e.g. Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, Apple Books, Kobo etc. 

ARC reviews should not contain any spoilers and should focus on what makes a book enjoyable, including mentions of characters, story pacing, basically anything that will help a new/potential reader decide if this book would suit their preferences. 

Members of the team are expected to read and review by the author's release deadline, and will liaise with the author if the deadline cannot be met. You are required to say that you are reviewing a free copy of the book and voluntarily left a review. An author cannot insist that an ARC reader leaves a review.
How It works

I will send an email to my Advance Reader Team before the ARCs are due out. This gives team members time to decide if they are able to read and review by the given due date. Another email will be sent out with information on how and where to download the ARC. 

Reviews are due within 7 days of the book's release. I will then send an email to ask for links for the reviews. I realise that in life things can happen. However, if a reviewer does not post a review and has no reasonable reason for not doing so they will be removed from the team. As I have stated above, an author cannot insist that an ARC reader leaves a review, but what is the purpose of joining an Advance Review Team if you are unwilling to leave reviews. 

How to join

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