The Perils of Publishing - Part One


Author Services

After seeing a discussion in one of my Facebook author groups, I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about the topic being discussed. If this post can help just one person or save them from falling into the trap of rip off author services, it will have served its purpose.

There are many out there who aspire to be a published author. Two ways you can achieve this are traditional publishing or self-publishing. Self-publishing may seem the easier and simpler option, but believe me, it is far from simple. The path to becoming a self-published author or indie author is not easy. There is much to learn, do your research, practice your writing and get feedback from others. This could be by starting a blog or joining a writer's group. Listen and take advice from those you can trust.

Even after you have invested much time and great effort into your work, there is no guarantee of success. Which brings me now to the heart of the matter. Since the advent of self-publishing more and more author services have appeared, all competing to part you from your hard-earned cash. There are legitimate services and many that are not. There are those that are not scams, however, some may make you promises they cannot keep or behave in a predatory manner. They promise to make you: the best selling author, a great writer, offer to promote your book to bestseller status and even those who provide you with a shortcut to becoming a writer by doing the work for you, but at an exorbitant price. You can find editors, developmental editors, proofreaders and ready-made book covers at reasonable prices. Again do your research or ask for recommendations. You could do these things yourself if you have the ability to do so, or find a friend or relative who can. Please be aware that whatever you put out there has got to be of a decent standard. Readers will not forgive you for publishing a bad quality book.

The most shocking thing about some of these services is the fact that they are run by authors. I am not in any way insinuating that they are doing anything illegal. It is in my opinion that they are motivated by making money for themselves and not giving their customers true value for their money. They are selling an illusion to aspiring authors. Believe me, when I say, there are NO shortcuts to success.

If you are interested in using a service, use one tried and tested. Perhaps one that comes recommended by someone you can trust. Research the companies online, check their feedback and ratings. Always err on the side of caution.