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Anne Anderson (1874—26 May 1952)

Anne (Annie) Anderson was a Scottish illustrator known primarily for art nouveau style children’s book illustrations. She was also an etcher, designer of greetings cards and a watercolour painter.

Born in Scotland in 1874, Anne spent her childhood in Argentina with her parents, James and Grace, and her four brothers and one sister. She left Argentina on reaching adulthood and found work in England. In 1910 she was able to afford to buy her a cottage 
with her earnings in Burghfield Common, Berkshire. She married the artist Alan Wright in June 1912. They collaborated on many of the books she illustrated; he would draw the birds and animals. 

There is some debate as to the date of her death. Some sources list her death in the 1930, while there are those that state she died in 1936. Yet there are others that claim she was still alive after the Second World War. However, there is an entry in the Berkshire Burial index for a married artist named Annie Wright aged 76, on 29th May 1952. It states she had resided in Burghfield Common.

Amongst the many children’s books she illustrated were the following fairy tale books:
      • Briar Rose Book Of Old Old Fairy Tales -London. T.C. & E.C. Jack Ltd. Approx. 1920
      • Anderson Fairy-Tale Book - London: T. Nelson & Sons, 1923
      • Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales - London; Glasgow: Collins Clear-Type Press 1924
      • A Series of Fairy Tales - Nelson 1928
      • The Fairy Tale Omnibus - Collins 1929
      • Old, Old Fairy Tales - New York, Thomas Nelson & Sons, n.d

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