Dear Winter


Writing in the Season of Winter Blues

Hello dear readers and friends

I will keep this newsletter brief as I’m not feeling my best at the moment. I find that the cold and shorter days of winter inhibits my enthusiasm for writing, but having a viral infection alongside doesn’t help at all.

The winter in the UK has been a mixture of rain, ice, snow, dark and cloudy days with little sunlight, and vicious storms. There is no doubt that many of us probably suffer from some form of seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD. Taking vitamin D supplements helps somewhat, but obviously it isn’t an instant fix.

According to Glasgow University researchers you can help lift the blues by writing a letter to winter. I won’t be sharing a letter, but I will share with you a short excerpt from Dawn-Wolf describing the start of winter.

The robust evergreens retained their vibrant colour, unlike that of the deciduous trees, which continued to shed their foliage, their bare branches stretching out like arms ready to embrace their long winter sleep. Jack Frost’s wintery fingers touched the snow covered ground one evening, covering it with a dusting of sparkling white and increasing the icy chill in the air.

Sarah placed a paw on the ground and shivered, as the cold seeped into her pads and through her legs. “Brrr,” she said.

Her Aunt Leticia laughed. “That’s nothing, wait until more snow arrives. Then you will know the true meaning of cold.”

Dawn-Wolf © Paula M. Hunter 2024

All rights reserved

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