Meet My Characters - Part Two


Queen Eleanor

Back in September I introduced you to several main characters from Kingdom of Ice, this time I will make a spotlight on one character.

Queen Eleanor

Queen Eleanor is by no means a villain at the beginning of Kingdom of Ice. How she became one was entirely out of her hands. I will tell you no further as it will be a spoiler.

When we first encounter Eleanor she is happily married to King Eldwin, with whom she jointly rules Turia. They are awaiting the birth of their first child. Before the child is born, the beautiful Queen Eleanor’s kind and compassionate nature vanishes, and in her stead is a harsh and unfeeling woman unrecognisable by her husband and subjects. Her callous behaviour continues to grow after the birth of their daughter, Khione.

At the christening of Princess Khione, she is presented with the gift of a “magic” mirror by a mysterious man named, Alor. When she discovers the magic mirror that tells her all she wishes to know, Eleanor’s vanity and cruelty start to increase.

On the death of King Eldwin, Eleanor’s reign of terror begins. She rejects her young daughter and banishes her from her presence. Years later she encounters the now teenage Khione. Eleanor feels threatened by her daughter’s blossoming beauty and imprisons her in the highest tower in Ruhan Castle.

After four years pass the cruel Queen asks her magic mirror, “Looking-glass, tell me true. Who is the fairest, tell me who?” Enraged when the mirror tells her that Khione is the fairest, she then plots to murder her daughter with the help of her huntsman. Those who are familiar with the story of Snow White will know how that turns out.

Eleanor eventually becomes entangled with the Machiavellian, King Wilbur of Nalum, but who will outsmart who in their game of political chess?

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